The Goal

Explore Components for Design System Development

For this project, the goal was to take a modular approach into redesigning Zaarly’s landing page in order to include the resulting components in the company’s design system. This approach provided a broad opportunity to explore and determine which components can be reproduced throughout the site. Some elements explored were typography usage, font sizing, testimonial cards, blog posts cards, sliders and banners, the navigation bar(s) and footer components, icons and iconography usage, infographic illustrations and more.

“Form, function
and design.”

The Result

A Refined Look for Easier Development and Better User Experience

Zaarly Inc. is the leader of home services providers throughout the United States, but with its different ranges of target markets and the ongoing growth of its customer base, this project’s challenge relied on not only guaranteeing a visual cohesiveness on its website but also neutralizing the look and feel of the brand in order to make it more approachable, naturally improving the overall user experience.
User Interface

Simpler shapes, smoother transitions.

Aside from the multiple design possibilities the modular approach promises, it also provides better guidance and faster workflow between developers and designers.

Technical details & info

This project was not part of a web redesign solution. It served as a guide for Zaarly’s Design System development. 

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