The Goal

Creating concept work for the homepage based off wires provided by the UX Lead.

W concept is a marketplace for South Korean Designers and Fashion Manufacturers.

“Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.”

Coco Canel

The Result

A visually cohesive look with a seasonal approach.

Prior to redesigning the homepage, I researched trend forecasts, analyzed the current visual approach of the site in order to discover how current e-commerce trends and the strengths of competitors’ websites can improve the current design. In addition, I felt there was a need to educate current and potential customers about the designers and current fashion trends. This factored heavily into my design process.
The Appeal

Minimal layout with bold accents resulting in an e-commerce website with a look-book approach for the fashionable young woman and man.

Value: As these designers are more established in Asia than in the United States, I wanted to take an educational approach throughout the homepage to add value for customers new to W Concept and for returning visitors who might not be familiar with all of the designer.

Technical details & info

Consistency and Standars: I wanted to make sure that a consistent color scheme was used throughout the graphics, photography, CTAs and other visual elements. Additionally, I chose photography that featured a similar aesthetic (warm tones, fall colors, etc.) to create a mood that exemplified the feeling of the current season.

Simplicity: I felt that it was important to reduce the clutter of the homepage to create a better user experience while effectively promoting all seasonal trends, current promotions, and other marketing channels (newsletter signup, social media icons, etc.). The “Sale” section has been condensed into a single category, and I added a callout in the promotional bar featuring the most important ones instead of distributing it throughout the entire homepage in order for the words to make a greater impact.

Conclusion: I believe that the homepage should tell a story. It should be a way to expose customers to a wide range of wardrobe possibilities, sparking ideas about what they may want to explore during their visit. Ideally, it should serve as a mood board, a place for customers to envision themselves wearing new styles and become interested in items that they never considered before.




Homepage redesign (web and mobile)


This was part of a conceptual presentation. It does not represent any implemented projects.